Sustainable Lightweight Components

for your Green Van Conversion

Using ultralightweight Natural Fiber Composites we converted a Transporter into a Mobile home, adding less than 230 Kg in weight, as well as saving approximately 70% of CO2 compared to using conventional lightweight materials!

The components we developed are now available for order. 

"I love the freedom of a mobile home, but I get the itches when I see the interior of a contemporary commercial caravan. The Materials and layout just turn me off. The idea of spending time inside these vehicles rather scares than inspires me...

The goal of the Greenlander is to allow you to create a space you feel literally home away from home"

Friedrich J. Deimann

Unique Materials

Using natural fiber composites we are able to reduce the CO2 footprint of our products by up to 80%. For our pioneering work in the development and application of the materials, we won various national and international awards. Get in touch to learn more about the advantages of NFC for your project as well as for the environment. 

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